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It does not matter whether you need some professional help about the basic techniques or some sophisticated ruses, our instructor, Attila Décsy is here to help you willingly. With a professional experience of many years, he waits for children, adults and those preparing for a “golf course ready” exam.

Our trainings are available in three languages: English, German and Hungarian.

Attila Décsy

Our coach

Our coach, Attila Décsy acquired a great experience in golf education over the years. Since 2007, he owns the title of PGA Qualified Golf Professional, in 2013, he passed the exam of golf referees. With a diploma as a PE teacher and the education he has he is the right person to find the best method to make his pupils successful, regardless their level. Feel free to contact us!


Telephone: +36/30 940 5830

Individual starter trainings

Obviously, apart from the trainings in groups, individuals are also given the possibility to take up courses on multiple levels, from the one occasion introductory training to the “course ready” and “competition course ready” exams.

Individual training 30 minutes 20 euros 5 500 Ft
Individual training 50 minutes 30 euros 8 500 Ft
Individual package of 10 occasions 10*50 minutes 245 euros 76 500 Ft
"Course ready" package of trainings 10*50 minutes 245 euros 76 500 Ft
"Competition course ready" package of trainings 10*50 minutes 245 euros 76 500 Ft

Advanced, perfecting trainings for groups

If you are already an expert of golf etiquett, know the rules and the basic techniques, we would like to recommend you our advanced trainings. The aims of the courses are perfecting your game, presenting some cunning tricks, the bunker game and course strategies. At the end, a central exam is held (45 HCP).

In the case of 2 people 10*50 minutes 58 000 Ft/person
In the case of 3-6 people 10*50 minutes 38 000 Ft/person

Trainings for club members

It’s a great opportunity for club members to enjoy our trainings with significant discounts. Of course, they are also offered a reduced fare in the case of bringing a mate, and a package with several occasions as well.

Individual training 30 minutes 15 euros 4 500 Ft
Individual training 50 minutes 25 euros 7 500 Ft
Training for two people 50 minutes 30 euros 8 800 Ft
Package of ten occasions 10*50 minutes 215 euros 67 500 Ft
Package of ten occasions, when entering the club 10*50 minutes 175 euros 56 000 Ft