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Golfclub Imperial Balaton has special features. The course, which is located on the shores of Balaton, has a special view on the lake and on Badacsony, a hill famous for its wines. On the course, scattered bunkers and tricky greens are there besides the natural flora of lake Balaton to make your game memorable, not to forget about the German care during your stay.


After some golf, it is a special recreation to eat and cook on the shores a big cauldron of Hungarian stew. The most spectacular way to relax after the game and the lunch is sailing, to the beautiful hill of Badacsony, while enjoying the view of the hills of the Northern shoreline.


The volcanic mountain – due to its special climate – is the birthplace of great wines. The taste of its wines is kept by many famous wineries. Having climbed the slopes of the hills, we can visit the the cellars and taste their wines. Having a look from the hill on the surface of the lake we understand why this place gave inspiration for so many poets and artists over the centuries.


The hotels located near the golf course guarantee a comfortable stay. Clicking on the below link, you can choose among our partner hotels, the services of which are discounted for our players. In our offer of programs, we ensure that our guests are transported from hotel to hotel, making sure that they can enjoy the daily program without worries.