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Golf for everyone!


Golf is more than sport. It offers an experience that cannot be compared to anything else. The special location makes it really unique, which is the amazing view of Balaton, the beautiful green areas, the natural flora and fauna around the course, which captures the player with the scent of the fresh lawn. When we play golf, we don’t just do a sport, but we feel as a part of a special trip.


There are a lot of misbeliefs about golf, but it is available for everyone. With an annual membership, there are no limits about the services of the club, so it is only up to you how actively you grab the chance to enjoy the offer of golf. Our aim is to teach you how to play, and we have a really fair offer for that.


In the course of a group education, you can reach the level of the course ready exam in three weekends, and after that, you can generally develop your talent, even on the competition course. During the weekends or the week, we have trainings with the duration of 3 hours, to share with you the knowledge necessary to feel the real golf experience.

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